Corum Real Estate Group has teamed up with some leading innovators, from Professional Energy Management and Conservation Training, to Sustainable Vendors and Clean, “Green” Products – Corum properties will not be left behind with overuse and excessive costs, but rather lead by example and benefit from technology’s growing advancements in sustainability.


Some examples of Corum’s proactive approach:

Partnering with U.S. Green Building Council and ENERGY STAR in effort to achieve LEED Platinum for Premier Lofts

  • Only employing LEED Certified Green vendors for furnishing, housekeeping apartment turning/cleaning
  • Procure only ENERGY STAR rated appliances and products

Furthering the education of our employees by working with EVERBLUE, the world’s leading sustainability training institute, to continually train our staff

  • Making logical choices by investing in hundreds of solar panels at the Village at Legacy Ridge and receiving tax rebates to offset the investment all while reducing utility costs

Corum views the practice of sustainability as an integral quality in this goal of being a forward looking real estate investment company, and such practice will only serve to further enhance the value to our clients as we’ve demonstrated over the past 26 years.