Since our first establishment, we have undertaken a variety of development deals in the multifamily, office, industrial, and mixed-use markets. With each development project we undertake, our executive team carefully evaluates the market conditions and economic opportunities at play. In addition, our insightful team of real estate experts maintains a strong network around the region with brokers, land owners, community partners, and investors, all well-positioned to identify fitting opportunities for our development team.

Tree 5050


Corum has also developed, acquired, and repositioned over 1.5 million square feet of office and industrial buildings. As active owners and investors in office properties, our development values have a long-term perspective on economic conditions and focus on deals that will hold elevated values over long periods of time. Because of our many years of experience in property management, we also have a deep appreciation for understanding of the impact development decisions have on the leasing and management efforts that are essential to maximizing value. Our track record for success in commercial development in the Denver area have led to other opportunities in Denver, in the Chicago metropolitan area, and in southeastern Wisconsin.


The opportunity to plan, design, and build a major residential community places a significant social responsibility on the developer, responsibility which the Corum team takes very seriously. We know that each decision impacts the future lives of our residents for years to come, so we work to make sound financial decisions for the present while also anticipating the lifestyle impacts on the future. Developing a product that is both desirable to potential residents and an attractive addition to the community in which it is located is the starting point for our team in pursuit of an economically successful effort in the multifamily market.


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