About Us

Founded in 1986, the Corum Real Estate Group develops, acquires, adds value, manages and owns office, retail, industrial, multifamily and investment properties.

As developers, construction project managers and ongoing property managers, we are determined negotiators who recognize the key pressure points involved in every phase of the real estate investment cycle. The competitive advantage that Corum provides lies in the expert talent and insights of our executive leadership team. Through utilizing our collective experience in collaboration with one another, we bring to each new site, new property, or new client a strong depth of tangible insight into the market factors at play.

Corum is not part of a larger financial services firm. Our team members are exclusively real estate professionals, not financial engineers. We bring a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds, holding professional designations such as CPA, CAM and LEED Accreditation. In addition, our team includes licensed and trained engineers, brokers, developers and managers, all serving each deal where valuable along the way. Further, the Corum team also includes individuals who have worked in pension consulting, advising institutional investors on their real estate investments. These varied perspectives help us uniquely advise our clients and industry partners through each unique real estate investment opportunity.